isoh-cover-cropAs the mother of twin heroin addicts Dana Chase felt desperate to save her sons.  For over seven years she experienced the lucid horror that at any moment she might receive the type of news from which a parent never recovers.

IN SPITE OF HEROIN is an intimate and stark portrayal of a mother’s devastation, trust and resolve. Readers will be captivated by Chase’s candid, lyrical voice and gripped by the intense pace and emotional core of the story. Eminently readable, In Spite of Heroin is a shocking and unblinking account of how she survived, coped and ultimately overcame the darkness.

Like a gracious Midwest hostess, Chase invites you into her home, heart, head, and the horror that was her improbable reality.  With honesty and eloquence Chase exposes her emotional terrain – a paradox of terror and hope.

This startling journey is sensitively laced with introspection. Chase balances the chaos with her perceptions regarding destiny, intuition, nature’s wisdom and the dual experience of being a human and a soul. The author’s emotional fortitude will resonate not only with addicts and their loved ones but anyone else who’s aspiring to manage chronic despair.

Chase found herself at the crossroads of hopelessness and surrender, and she was forced to choose.  In Spite Of Heroin portrays her journey to that fated intersection and the strength, wisdom and trust that influenced her choices along the way. Addiction infiltrates every demographic on the planet.  A vast global audience will be profoundly inspired by this mother’s courageous story.



An idyllic upbringing, unconditional love, and the serenity of the Heartland USA were not enough to shield this close-knit family from heroin.  In her moving, ultimately hopeful narrative of struggle and redemption, Dana Chase writes unsparingly of how she survived the shock of learning that her beautiful identical twin sons had become heroin addicts and the terror that unfolded as a result.

Chase and her husband returned to North Dakota when their twins were ten months old to give them the same benefits she had as a child.  But steadfast family values, and the manageable pace of North Dakota did not work their charm this time around.  By the time the boys were twenty they were drug dealers, heroin addicts, and felons.

This family’s catastrophic status quo included overdoses, attempted suicide, court-mandated stays at rehab centers, and countless cycles of incarceration, including a federal indictment, none of which had been anywhere near Chase’s maternal radar.  Chase had lived her entire adult life believing ‘what you think about, you bring about.’  In spite of her innate optimism she wondered… if I wasn’t thinking about it, how’d I bring it about?

This is a cautionary tale that delivers a blunt impact of reality to any parent who believes ‘this can’t happen to our family’.  It portrays a courageous mother and her attempts to save her sons from wasted lives and tragic drug related deaths.

In Spite Of Heroin reveals a parent’s nightmare and the struggle of a lifetime.  Eminently readable, In Spite Of Heroin is a shocking true story that readers will sacrifice sleep to finish.



Dana Chase is certified in both Life Coaching and Feng Shui. Her uncommon and progressive skill set elevated her aptitude for surrender.  In Spite Of Heroin offers readers perspective from a professional who’s had success mentoring hundreds of clients seeking greater fulfillment.  It portrays a mother’s struggle to manage her unrelenting despair, denial and guilt, while she simultaneously aspired to influence destiny and attract providence.

Her faith was strengthened as she experienced ongoing benevolent guidance from her deceased parents.  Inner peace was cultivated through synchronicity, coincidences and intuition interventions. The story occurs in North Dakota where there are four distinct seasons.  Chase drew upon metaphors in nature to interpret wisdom and grace.  Feng Shui had a profound effect and influence.  Her passion for tennis became a distraction from emotional pain and provided her with a paradigm shift of power and control.