An excerpt from INTUITION A-Z

What is your definition of intuition? Most people have an obscure and limited understanding of this authentic and empowering resource.  Those of you pondering an answer are coming from a range of perspectives.

You may have a general sense of what intuition is, but you don’t understand how to connect with it or why you would bother.  Or, perhaps you consider it a meaningful and essential compass with which you navigate through life.

Whatever the case might be, there is room to grow your experience with intuition, and reap the rewards of this connection to a deeper place of knowing that resides within you. Intuition can serve you with inspiration, innovation, creativity, and direction when making decisions both simple and profound. We so often become stalled in a   limited ‘black & white” tangible view of our potential.  Exploring your world through an intuitive lens can offer you a full range of possibilities that   will open you up to greater achievement and contribution.

For many, living intuitively provides a deeper spiritual connection to nature, angels, and loved ones, both living and those that have passed on.

Everyone has intuition; it’s a birthright.  Throughout history, females have been credited with having stronger intuition than males.  There is physiological science to support that the female brain can combine the logic of the left side and the right, intuitive side, more easily than males.  It’s is also socially acceptable for women to use the term intuition when expressing non-linear thought processes.

A masculine expression of intuition may be referred to as a gut feeling or hunch.  Call it what you will, it’s all the same thing.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a highly successful person (by any measure) that doesn’t have a name for this sort of guidance, as well as a continued reliance on it.

Children have a freer experience with intuition as they don’t question their feelings with linear perspective or make judgments based on previous experience.

Consider, for a moment, animals. They are pure instinct. They do not check the weather forecast, or any other logical device to decide when to hibernate, migrate, hunt, or mate.  They have an innate wisdom moving through them, and they act without reasoning.  Humans have the same flow of wisdom available, but we miss out when we override it with logic or fear.  Our pace of life can cause us to be “deaf” to it, or we simply don’t trust it to be legitimate.   Instead, we navigate misguidedly allowing our fears, guilt, shame, doubt, and lack of self worth to chart our course. Or we may simply rely on logic alone to make decisions.

So what exactly is intuition? Here is one explanation for your consideration. Intuition is the voice of your soul. You are living a dual existence, as a human and as a soul.  Human aspects include your physical body, ego, personality, and everything about you that is tangible, visible, and finite. You’re also a soul.  This aspect of you is intangible, invisible, and eternal.  The soul is the essence of you that came from a Divine Source and will return to it when your physical body perishes.   As you listen to and make choices based on the information and guidance your intuition provides, you are living in alignment with your soul!

The nature of the soul is to attempt to softly connect with and guide you throughout life, so you may fulfill a multitude of divinely ordained purposes. In order to experience intuition, you need to listen intentionally, because it’s mostly quiet and can be easily out muscled by much louder voices, such as your ego, other people’s opinions, as well as    “internal noise” and the distractions of daily life.

Individuals who respect and honor their intuition tap it for inspiration, creativity and direction in all aspects of their lives. Although it does not necessarily insure a short-cut to “happy ever after”, intuition will lead you to the choices that will evolve your journey as your soul desires.  Living life with a sense of connection to your soul is an immensely rich and rewarding experience.

Living intuitively does not suggest you ignore logic. The goal is to strike a balance, factoring in common sense, experience, linear measure, and perhaps the opinions of others, along with intuition as you find your way in life.

When choices are made completely void of intuition they are often influenced by a combination of fear, pleasing others, avoiding assumed consequences, and the inner voice of self sabotage, (life coaches call it “the gremlin”).  If, instead, you consult your intuition, choices will emerge from your values, love, embracing possibility, your soul, and trust.

Living intuitively will change your life significantly.  It’s a wise, inner resource, which aligns you with your life purpose, with your divinity.  Although living intuitively can be a deeply spiritual experience, its purpose isn’t to replace religion. Any religious practice or ritual will enhance intuition.

Establishing a connection with intuition requires some knowledge and a willingness to begin.  Your aptitude and confidence with it will grow, much like taking on a new skill or sport. When you’re first learning to play tennis you may feel discouraged, awkward, frustrated, and self-conscious.    Yet, when you stay the course, you become more accomplished and find your rhythm. You trust your strokes, the connection is there, and it’s empowering.  Then at a higher level of skill you trust yourself to find your way on the days your game is on, and even when it’s flat.

As you live intuitively, your experiences will develop your skill set and fine-tune your instincts. You’ll find that meaningful connections, inspiration, and positive expectations are a natural part of life . Eventually it will become a reliable source of guidance and a natural nuance of your decision making process, as routine as checking the weather forecast before you decide what to wear.

I am a life coach. Intuition is central to my trade. There is a saying in the life coaching industry that  “Fulfillment is a radical act.”  One does not wake up to the spontaneous occurrence of a fulfilling life.  Fulfillment is a result of mindfully exploring your values and charting a course to align with, and honor them.  By discovering what you value most and then setting goals to achieve desired results, you begin your journey toward living a meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling life.

One of my roles as a life coach is to help clients move into greater fulfillment in life. Intuition is a navigation system that supports their journey toward living authentically. Translating intuition into daily life doesn’t occur by following a precise scientific formula.  Intuition is intangible and ethereal; it often leaves you to explore the shades of gray and to color in the meaning for yourself. This presents a challenge for a culture that predominantly regards tangible data as the only reliable source of information.

With each person there’s a unique emergence of intuition and the impact it has on their life. Following intuition’s lead often requires courage, and a life coach provides the support clients need when they’re stepping into both difficult decisions and exciting opportunities.