An excerpt from INTUITION A-Z

What is your definition of intuition? Most people have an obscure and limited understanding of this authentic and empowering resource.  Those of you pondering an answer are coming from a range of perspectives.

You may have a general sense of what intuition is, but you don’t understand how to connect with it or why you would bother.  Or, perhaps you consider it a meaningful and essential compass with which you navigate through life.

Whatever the case might be, there is room to grow your experience with intuition, and reap the rewards of this connection to a deeper place of knowing that resides within you. Intuition can serve you with inspiration, innovation, creativity, and direction when making decisions both simple and profound. We so often become stalled in a   limited ‘black & white” tangible view of our potential.  Exploring your world through an intuitive lens can offer you a full range of possibilities that   will open you up to greater achievement and contribution.

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