Life Coaching

I received my Life Coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute located in San Rafael, California in 2003. I’ve worked successfully with hundreds of clients seeking greater fulfillment in life.

Life Coaching Service

I will help you evaluate your priorities and make a conscious decision about the future you’d like to create. You will discover and explore your core values and true passions, in an effort to balance your personal needs with your responsibilities in life. The coach and client are partners working to forward the action and deepen the learning, toward a balanced and fulfilling life for the client. Coaching sessions will also serve to hold you accountable and offer the motivation and structure you require to follow through with the commitments you make to yourself.

Corporate Sales Coaching Service

With decades of experience in sales and customer service, I have a wealth of experience to draw upon. My sales background paired with my life coaching expertise will offer anyone in a sales driven industry to elevate to the top tier of producers.  If your success depends on reaching quotas, relationship selling, and always meeting a higher bar of productivity then you’ll thrive with my sales coaching service.  The coaching experience will go beyond mere goal setting and accountability.   You will have the opportunity to explore what motivates you, what’s holding you back, your self-sabotage tendencies, and how to get out of your own way.   Trust-Based Selling/ Relationship Selling and Emotional I.Q. are specific areas of my sales coaching expertise. Each coaching/ client relationship is unique and structured to meet your specific needs.

Confidence Coaching Services

Confidence Changes Everything!  Imagine what would be possible if you could increase your self-confidence. The truth is anyone can achieve greater confidence and it begins with the intention to do so. Gaining confidence often includes taking risks and accessing your experience.  Taking risks can be intimidating, but until you’re willing to do so you cannot gain from the experience.   Live, learn, evolve.   Working with a life coach to increase your confidence allows you the opportunity to explore options, gauge the risk, and step into change with support and accountability.

 I will help you become:

  • Aware of your potential and your assets.
  • Self-aware & more confident.
  • Motivated to improve.
  • Inspired & hopeful.
  • Self-Affirming.

Specific Areas of Exploration May Include:

  • Motivation and accountability for the commitments you make toward living a more authentic life.
  • Understanding Emotional IQ; what it is, how to raise it and the benefits of doing so.
  • Diminishing the habits and perspectives that impede your progress.
  • Raise your awareness about intuition and the benefits of doing so.
  • Exploring Feng Shui principles that will identify the area in your home that influences confidence with the intention to attract blessings and influence destiny.
  • A plan to implement a fitness routine into your lifestyle.
  • Hair, make-up, skincare, and personal style improvements. As a Master Esthetician and a lifetime of attention to vanity, I have the expertise to offer you.