Bucket List Retreat

Hello, I’m Dana Chase, the author of “In Spite of Heroin.”  I’m certified in Life Coaching and Feng Shui. I am an inspirational speaker having presented at workshops, book events and to large groups on a variety of topics. I also have both a master esthetician and nail tech license in North Dakota. My education combined with my life experiences offers your group an instructor with vast knowledge on meaningful topics that will resonate positivity and elevate your spirits.   Call me to answer your questions, secure dates and get your adventure started at   218.329.2984

WHO: Your friends, sisters, co-workers, classmates, teammates -whomever your female tribe embraces, this is the adventure on every bucket list!  Up to twelve may attend together.

WHAT: A retreat like none other!   Your group may choose topics from my Life Coaching Menu (see below) and the times you’d like me to present them.  Each class includes a 1-hour presentation with Q&A.  Additional classes and one on one coaching may be added.

Chose to enjoy your time together, sipping hot toddies fireside, star gazing, bring your favorite games, or walk/run the secluded routes just outside the door.  If there’s snow bring cross country skis or snowshoes.  There is also a treadmill available. Bring wine, liquor or craft beer and have a tasting. Jigsaw puzzles, scrapbooking, knitting, embroidery, whichever travel-friendly,  soul-nurturing hobby you enjoy, is welcome.  If someone in your group has a class they’d like to present & supply the materials for, then feel free -cooking, baking, grilling, yoga, birdwatching, jewelry making, movie reviews, canning, etc.

WHEN: Retreat dates are available October-May. Visit www.sotalakehomerentals.com to view more photos. Click on the Pelican Lake Log Home Retreat 51177 Gosslee Road to learn more about the home. The photos on this page are of the actual home where the Bucket List Retreats are held.

WHERE: This southern facing, sun-drenched home is ready for you to arrive, drop your bags, and enjoy!  Lodging is a spectacular custom-built log home on prestigious Pelican Lake MN, north shore.   The lakeside deck runs the full width of the home with a stunning sunset view followed by a titanic star-lit sky.  It is an open concept; with a fully equipped kitchen and it’s tastefully decorated with wood and tile throughout. It’s a secluded location, yet an easy drive to many local restaurants. Close to Fargo/Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, and Fergus Falls. A great place to rendezvous with friends from the Twin Cities.

The open concept loft sleeps 6, with a half-bath.  The lower level has two bedrooms, a full bath, & sleeps 6 including 2 twin beds within the family room. I occupy the master bed/bath during the retreats. There is an additional half-bath off of the kitchen.  Visit www.sotalakehomerentals.com Click on the Pelican Lake Log Home Retreat 51177 Gosslee Road to view additional photos.

WHY: Because you deserve a weekend together with people you cherish.  Together you’ll ….Laugh, Connect, Reflect, Evolve!

WHAT ELSE: Retreats include lodging, daily brunch, and life coaching classes. Attendees may bring adult beverages, soft drinks, and potluck dinners or dine locally evenings.  Corporate retreats are also available.  Call me to co-create an exclusive retreat for your group!

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent.  Caring for myself is an act of survival.”   -Audre Lorde


  • $595/Night = 24 Hour Stay
  • Pricing Covers up to 4 Lodgers
  • Add more participants for an additional $99/Person/Night
  • Maximum of 12 People



  • Lodging:  Choose your check-in time and the length of your retreat.  Check-out time is 24, 48 or 72  hours after check-in.
  •  Brunch Daily
  • Two Life-Coaching Classes Per Day
  • Cleaning Service Post Retreat



  • Add Classes from the Life Coaching Menu for $72/Class/Group
  • Surcharge for supplies per person – Facial Bar $12 – Manicure Bar $9
  • A Signed Paperback Copy of “IN SPITE OF HEROIN” $16 inc. shipping or $12 per copy for books to be purchased at your Bucket List Retreat
  • Private Coaching with Dana $72/Hour
  • Firewood $25 or you may bring your own. The fireplace on the lower level, near the circular bar, is wood burning. There is a fire pit with seating in the yard, season permitting. The main level has a gas burning fireplace.



“Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.”   


Life Coaching Menu


Intuition –

Most people have an obscure and limited understanding of this authentic and empowering resource.  Intuition can serve you with inspiration, innovation, creativity, and direction when making decisions both simple and profound.   Exploring your world through an intuitive lens can offer you a full range of possibilities that will open you up to greater achievement and contribution.  This class will help you to understand intuition in greater depth and how living in alignment with your intuition can change the quality of your life.

Self Care –

As women, we often (almost always) put ourselves last. This class will offer you perspective on the benefits of self-care and the small choices you can make that will cultivate balance and nurture your soul.

Confidence Coaching –

Confidence changes everything!  Imagine what would be possible if you increase your self-confidence. The truth is anyone can achieve greater confidence and it begins with the intention to do so. Gaining confidence often includes taking risks and accessing your experience.  Taking risks can be intimidating, but when you find the courage and the incentives, you’ll discover the benefits of reaching beyond your comfort zone. Live, learn, evolve.

Values & Fulfillment –

What’s the connection between your values and a sense of fulfillment?  This class will help you explore your core values and how living in alignment with your values creates a more satisfying life.  Fulfillment is a radical act, and it rarely occurs without intention and an action plan that is values-driven.

Goal Setting & Accountability –

This class is your opportunity to do some mindful reflection about the changes you’re seeking in life.  We will explore goal setting and it benefits as well as how accountability supports change.  The content of this class is progressive, not merely cliché advice about goal setting.  As friends, you can make choices to create accountability amongst yourselves to help you maintain momentum.

Bucket List –

This playful class will allow you to pause and take inventory of your life to discover what truly belongs on your bucket list.  Participants will create their list and we’ll explore obstacles and how to overcome them.  Learn more about your friends and what matters to them.  Discover which items on your bucket list match with your friends and begin plotting your next adventure!


Skin Care –

As a licensed master esthetician and nail tech, I’m knowledgeable and passionate about skincare.  I’ll offer you product tips and demonstrate techniques with skincare, make-up, at home waxing, body wraps, self-tanners and more.

Facial Bar –

Gather around the circular bar, by the fireplace where a facial station is set for each participant. I will instruct participants to self-administer a spa-quality facial that will leave your complexion soft and glowing.  Steps include cleansing, exfoliation mask, hydrating mask, and moisturizer.  All individual supplies provided with a surcharge of $12/person.

Manicure Bar –

Gather around the circular bar, grab a partner (and a beverage) and I’ll instruct participants through a   spa-quality manicure that you’ll perform on one another.  All individual supplies provided with a surcharge of $9/person.


Weight Training –

Strong is the new sexy and the new healthy!  Light lifting with a 15-pound bar,  15 minutes a day can change your body dramatically. I have experienced this for myself and can attest to the results. With consistency and commitment, you will experience beautiful improvements to your body and increase your strength. I will demonstrate proper weight lifting technique and how to sync your workout to your favorite music.  I will present the benefits of weight training to your overall health and weight loss.  I  recommend that you subsequently meet with a personal trainer to design a work-out that suits your current level of fitness and to perfect your technique.

Get Your Sexy On –

Seductive, intriguing, and inspired …. You, only sexier!  Become self-affirming, motivated to improve and aware of your potential and assets. Gain confidence in yourself as a woman and a partner by feeling and looking sexier.  This class may include spontaneous agenda driven by questions from the participants.


Book Club –

If your group chooses this class you will be shipped copies of my book “In Spite of Heroin” to allow you to read it ahead of the retreat. Visit my Author page to read more about my memoir. The Book Club class will allow you to discuss the book and ask me anything you’d like to know about my book, or about being a writer.  Each signed paperback copy will be discounted to $14 which includes shipping.

Despair Management –

I’ve conceived the notion of despair management from self-reflection during difficult times in my life. For over ten years I’ve faced the excruciating task of managing my unrelenting despair as my twin sons descended into the hell of heroin addiction and its consequences.  I continue to survive this journey, which is still terrifying at times.  I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge on how to manage despair while simultaneously manifesting miracles and attracting abundance.  Regardless of the reason a person is in despair, this class will offer hope, compassion, and inspiration.

Square One –

Have you ever had to start over in life feeling lost, terrified, or overwhelmed?  This class will explore the concept of Square One as it’s explained in the book “Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck.  There are times in our lives when circumstances, consequences, choices or fate forces us out of our life’s status quo and a facet of our identity is altered. Landing back in ‘Square One’ may occur by choice or by force. This class will help you to understand what starting over in ‘Square One’ looks like, and how to navigate change and cultivate your best life.   I have personally had the experience of landing back in Square One on an epic level, multiple times. I can speak insightfully on this topic from a paradigm of courage, compassion, and humility.


Feng Shui Basics –

Feng Shui is implemented to create a healthy flow of energy in your living space to affect positive change in all aspects of your life. It is designed to enhance not only your home and environment but also your life. Once you begin to make changes within your home, your energy levels, your outlook on life, and your sense of well-being will also change. This class will explore the areas of your life you’re seeking to improve and which areas of your home are blocking your progress.

The Art Of Letting Go –

What are you hanging on to that no longer serves your best life? Do you tolerate cluttered rooms, overflowing closets, toxic relationships or perhaps a soul-crushing career? Is your schedule cluttered because you’re unable to say no?  This class will help you explore the why’s and how’s of releasing what no longer serves the future you envision for yourself.
‘Your happiness is equivalent to your capacity to let go.’ -Unknown


Relationship Selling –

Key concepts covered in the book: Trust-Based Selling by Charles H Green will be presented and explored.  A great class for corporate groups in the sales, hospitality and service industries.

Emotional IQ –

‘Since emotions are the primary drivers of your behavior, it’s important you understand the effect they have on other people.’ From Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves.  Concepts from this book will be explored and discussed.

Goal Setting & Accountability –

This class will be tailored for professionals setting career goals.  We will explore goal setting and its benefits as well as how accountability supports change.  The content of this class is progressive, not merely cliché advice about goal setting.

Words I live by…

“I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that bitch myself.” -Unknown